Lets Make the Internet a safer place!

Hi Parents, would you like to make the Internet a safer place? As you know, I am doing an internship with Safe Outlook CO. They provide online safety software called Computer Parenting. This product will help you keep your children and adolescents safe from online dangers such as pornography, cyberbulling, sexting, online predators and drugs. This way you can ensure their positive development and healthy lifestyle. Check out their website here is THE LINK if you would like more detail information contact me at carmela@safeoutlook.com. Thanks.


When children view pornography

No healthy parent wants to think about his child viewing pornography, but it often happens. Before the days of the Internet, children were typically between the ages of 11 to 13 when they began by viewing soft-core pornography found in magazines like Playboy. Today’s child lives in a culture where hard-core pornography abounds. Our children are being seduced daily, and we need to bear this fact in mind whenever we have the occasion to redirect them away from pornography. It is also extremely important that parents not direct all their efforts toward their sons at the expense of their daughters. Pornography and other sexualized media can adversely affect girls as well as boys and often leads to significant damage in their ability to form healthy relationships as an adult.  (From Focusonthefamily.com)… If you want to keep you family safe online you will be interested in this internet safety software called computer parenting, check out their website at www.computerparenting.com/?tk=65 and let me know what you think..

Children and the Internet

Hello Parents, this is just another post about online safety…how safe do you think your children are online?… do they use the internet while you are not home?… if this is the case I know that an internet safety software will help you keep them safe while they surf the web. If you are interested, check out Computer Parenting (it is a web based parental control package) … here is The Link … if you do visit their website, leave me a comment, tell me what you think…. I will answer =)


How often do you use the internet?

Hello guys, I have a question for you, how often do you use the internet?, here is another one, how often do your children use the internet?.. are you worried that you children or even you could come across pornography, I mean sometimes im searching the web and wow a rated r picture comes up.. and its not cool… well if you would like to avoid this or you may be afraid that you children or teen may get in the habit of looking at pornography.. you can check out this website called computer parenting for more information, here is The Link.. and if you decide to let me know what you think, post a comment! =) i will for sure answer…thanks for reading..

Be safe Online!

Hi readers!.. I am writing this post with the purpose of getting people to comment on my blog and to get people to check out a website for a product that I’m working for. The product is a internet safety software called Computer Parenting, this software is a web-based parental control package, that i think will help families be safe online especially children and teens….

Do you have children or teens at home that use the internet pretty often?, do you know about online dangers such as pornography and online predators?..if you are willing to answer these questions, tell me about it and even if you say something that is not related to this topic, i will still answer….Here is The Link for our website, check it out for more information… thanks for taking a minute to read my post and visit the site.

Carmela C.

Do you have an Internet safety software?

Hello readers!, this is a post about the benefit of having an internet safety software. Do you know what your kids are searching on the Google?………I found this article that talks about this topic —> “For children ages 7 and under thе forth mοѕt searched for term wаѕ “porn” and for teens thе search term coming іn аt number four wаѕ “sex”. If уου wеrе tο google еіthеr οf thеѕе terms yourself οn a computer without and internet safety software уου would soon realize thе importance οf having thіѕ tool tο provide Internet safety for kids” ( from: Norton Online Family’s Top Searches of 2009). If you interested on an internet safety software, visit this link Computer Parenting Site to get more information..

Take control over the internet

Here is another post to motivate parents to take control over the internet… I think its is very important to protect children and teenagers from online dangers …..” While the Web allows kids the freedom to make friends, play games and research homework with the click of a button, it can pose a potential danger as online predators, cyberbullies and scam artists ply their trade” (from CNNTech).. Improve online safety in your homes, here is The Link for Computer Parenting Software…write a comment =), tell what you think.